Wednesday 29 April 2015

Be BindASS, Don't Sharma

In a nation filled with Bollywood lovers and cricket fanatics, is it possible that a relationship which gives a flavour of both, not be discussed?

After a long long time, a cricketer-actress relationship came to the fore over the last few months. Azharuddin-Sangeeta story is very old. Nor was it in the limelight anyway. In this case, the people involved are big superstars in their respective fields. Plus they keep making public appearances together all the time. Very difficult to not take notice, and almost impossible to avoid discussions (gossip) on the subject.

Honestly, when I'd first heard confirmatory reports about their relationship, the plot of the movie 'Heroine' had come to my mind. (Don't feel sorry for me, thankfully I haven't watched the movie. I just happen to know the story.) So the protagonist in the movie, who's obviously a heroine, is advised by her PR agency at one point, to get into a relationship with the vice captain of the Indian cricket team, to up her status. 

Now Anushka-Virat's might be a genuine love story, with the people involved being completely sincere about their feelings. But how do you stop the mind from drifting into all directions? The chain of my thoughts was a very natural one. What happened to me, would to a minor or major extent, happen to most people. Celeb relationships will always be under public scrutiny, no matter what. If the relationship is a hush hush one, there shall always be an effort to dig out the skeleton. And if its out in the open, there shall be critical analysis, the impact of one individual on the other's career and life. How else are the gossip columnists going to earn their daily bread? How is the online media going to generate topics for discussion? (Look at me!)

If you aren't bothered about being spotted on the RCB bus, or on the field, why bother about such stories Anushka? Why make Virat defend you, and give you credit for his test series centuries? You are a big celeb, you have achieved a lot already at a young age. You have made your choice, whether it be about the partner, or the openness on the relationship, or even the decision to be by your man's side at crucial times. It doesnt matter whether the press or the media gives you debit and credit for his failures and successes resp. 
People have tongues, and they are going to wag. Ignore it, and move on.


Sumeet Nayak said...

Di, i would still like to reserve my comments for an year. Because what we have been seeing till now, all this seems another gimmick. I hope that's not the case and would be happy to be proved wrong. But yes its nice to peep into celebs life and get the juicy bits as that's what keeps the show in the showbizz

Anonymous said...

Well let's not involve ourselves or comment on these celebrity personal life especially love life rather as a general public let's just enjoy..honestly hardly any celeb affair has had no controversies..dey say a lot during the initial days but later on as time passes by dey themselves end up giving more masala to media to talk dis case too i don't think even d star or d champ knows how far dey will go & now wen dey not sure so y we bother....Ignore it and let's move on (we also)
**And yes a special mention to d writer...truly speaking u write really good and please keep writing more**(A HUGE FAN D WAY U PUT UR THOUGHTS ACROSS)

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous. As a writer, it is so difficult not to get involved or not comment on something that keeps hitting your eyes all the time :)
Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and keep posting.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sumeet, it's something we do give a thought to, in whichever way, whether frown or laugh it off or rubbish it, but we do :)