Tuesday 2 June 2015

Till Death Do Us Part.. A 7 Births' Contract

"Fast," she said.

"I cannot possibly drive any faster. Anyway, do you remember the equation involving speed distance and time?" he asked.


"Come on now. You got to know this one at least," he sincerely begged.

"Doesn't matter. Why do you have to keep quizzing me?! You're not my teacher for God's sake," she snapped. "You listen to me. This fast I was talking about.."

"Not now, I'm in a hurry. I have sped and covered the distance. Thank you for moving those teddy bears from the rear view by the way. Next time, try and finish your makeup at home, so you won't have to leave these furry animals in my lap while you paint your face with powder."

"Really! I listen to you, move my teddys, and this is what I get, your mockery! And it's not powder silly, it's a concealer!!"

"I won't be able to pick you up in the evening, like I said before. Do you have that thing I got you, to avoid any car mishaps?" he joked.

"What's that?" She genuinely asked.

"Your bus pass."

"That's it! I've had enough in this very birth. I could easily pass you off to our neighbour for the next 7," she yelled.

He parked the car. "Sorry sweetie. You know I was just kidding, don't you? Tell me na, please. What did you wanna say?" He made silly faces, held his ears tight to apologise. The moment there was a slight indication of her giving in, he held her close.

"Janu, I will be fasting tomorrow coz I want you with me till the end of time," she murmured in his arms, with a coy smile.

"That's not fair! I've already apologised," he replied.

What happened to the husband with the funny bone is left to your imagination.

Hindus believe in rebirth. And Hindu women believe that if they observe a fast on this one particular religious day, they shall have the same husband at their beck and call for the next seven births. For those who have no clue, observing a fast means avoiding food, or cooked food in some cases, for a particular period of time. In short, it's a diet with more benefits than you could ask for. In this case, the underlined advantage being an unwritten contract for the next seven births.

Vat Savitri, Karva Chauth, the names may differ in different communities, but all Hindu women stand united in the cause of never letting the husband escape from their clutches. Happy fasting to all gal pals, but do check with the terrified hubby once if he's ok with this arrangement? :)

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