Wednesday 5 August 2015

Knock Knock..Porn There?

- A 12 year old boy was crying cos his website wouldn’t load.
- Embassies were flooded with dejected lost souls looking for an abode where their needs are understood.
- There was a long procession; miserable men (masked if married) were holding placards ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’.
- Psychiatrists' clinics were overflowing with depressed desperate guys. Men who've grown up practically living off the virtual world to realise their fantasies. Men who are shaken and their lives are stirred.

Those were my dreams last night :-).  But just try picturing something like that, truly astounding! What I pictured resulted in my version of the Fifty Shades poster.

Banning visual stuff In India? Are you kidding me! Drugs have been illegal in the country for like ever. But if you hunt hard, you’d even be able to find them in a spoilt affluent high school boy’s bag. An upcoming movie floats around an MBA/engineering campus a week before its release. All sorts of grisly gory videos and pictures hop from one phone to another. Cheap B grade magazines sell like hot cakes on book stalls. Ban one website today, another shall be ready tomorrow. 857 websites! A child could tell that number won’t achieve anything anyway.

Okay, a man is a man is a man. Tall or short, lean or stout, famous or common, rich or poor. You can categorise men into as many slots as you want. But when it comes to porn, there is just one category – worshippers! Some do it openly, some behind closed doors, but they do it for sure. And why be unfair? Of course, a lot of women relish it too.

Right from the boy next door to the minister in the House, this is a rule which has no exception. Its not just the Indian Parliament. Over 250,000 attempts were made to visit X-rated websites from the UK Parliament’s computer network last year.

I don’t want to get into a debate over whether porn is right or wrong, and whether it damages a relationship or thrives it. The Government just needs to get one thing straight. There needs to be clarity in both their intent and actions. It cannot dictate what harmless acts a man does in the privacy of his bedroom.

And of course, the forbidden fruit shall always be sweeter. More restrictions = more alluring. Period.

Update: The Government for now has realized what a mess it made, and has withdrawn the ban. I’m guessing many of you shall be taking preventive actions now cos who knows whats in store! But do bear one incident in mind. A UK man upgraded his software to Windows 10. The update made a slideshow of his porn collection and ran it as a screensaver! And who do you think discovered it? Of course his wife. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hhaha that last warning was indeed something :P

"There needs to be clarity in both their intent and actions. It cannot dictate what harmless acts a man does in the privacy of his bedroom." spot on! The government is indeed more bothered about the harmless things than the vital issues in the society.

Thanks for finding my blog Leela :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you agree dear! Thanks for visiting, keep coming :-)