Saturday 24 October 2015

Date Night

As she sat on the sofa, sipping her green tea, she kept looking at the watch again and again. It didn’t seem to tick any faster. She was looking forward to tonight. It had been a long time since they’d spent a cosy evening together. His work tours had increased lately. This time around, he had looked into her eyes and promised some good memories after he got back. One of them was a movie date night today.

It had been a good four days since his arrival, but his late nights at office had not even left them enough time for a decent chat. She had left from work in good time today, taken all efforts to doll up.

If mirrors were honest indeed, the night ahead promised to be a romantic one with longing gazes. With those trail of thoughts she smiled to herself, and that’s when he walked in.

Him: What a terrible week this was!

Not a very promising opening line.

Her: Oh honey! Take a quick shower and lets step out, you’ll get all refreshed.

Him: Step out? I won’t take a single step. Where do you wanna go anyways? I have a bad headache.

Her: You forgot? Today’s our date night.

Him: Oh no! I mean no, I didn’t forget. I’ve just lost track of time with these work hours getting crazier. But baby, can we please do it tomorrow?

Her: Okay. If you can’t do it, you just can’t, can you?

The hope was that the sad expression and the soft tone might draw his attention; her pretty face and gorgeous frame would change his mood, and all the efforts would pay off.

Him: No, I can’t.

He started walking towards the shower-room but stopped abruptly. Her face lit up.

Him: Are we out of soap? I just barely managed to scrub myself with that small piece you left for me.

Her: I’ve replaced it.

And he was gone, just like that. Not even a second glance.

Just when she was about to label her man as the typical husband, he surprised her next morning with breakfast in bed.

Him: Good morning. I shall make it up to you today. You pick the movie, you choose the restaurant. I’ll be there, with bells on. No questions asked.

But even before she could say something, he went on.

Him: Can I just make a suggestion though? How about ‘Paranormal Activity’?

Her: Activity causing sleepless nights, no way. How about ‘Room’?

Him: I’d prefer my bedroom. Okay, ‘Anomaly’?

Her: Sci-Fi? Are you nuts! There’s a reason I didn’t pursue the Science stream in college. ‘Sleeping With Other People’?

Him: What! Why! How!

Her: How? What kind of a question is that Silly, that’s a movie title.

Him: Haha...You got me! Look, you’ve already gone ahead and seen all the blockbusters. I had to dig out these names!

Her: You stay away, you don’t spend time with me and why do I get the punishment!

Him: How about ’99 Homes’? It’s a thriller.

Her: Are you even listening to me? And anyway, wasn’t the movie supposed to be my choice?

Him: Yeah! But if you plan on putting me to sleep, why pay money for it? I’ll just lie down in the bedroom..hehe.

When his joke wasn’t well received, he straightened his face.

Him: Okay, how about ‘The Final Girls’?

Her: Now you want us to see ‘those’ kinda movies?

Him: No!! It’s a horror movie!

He took a pause and appeared like he was seriously pondering over something.

Him: Wait, you didn’t sound angry. That means you have no objection to ‘those’ movies!

Her: Buzz off!

Him: I have a brilliant suggestion! How about I buzz off with my friend and you with yours.

The stern look meant that he was supposed to elaborate and he very naively did.

Him: Lets walk into the theatre together and then head to different movies with our respective friends! What say? Am I smart or what?

He didn’t realise that the idea was not even close to the acceptable category, until the bedroom door was slammed into his face.

Outside the theatre a few hours later, he looked all refreshed and she clearly upset as they walked out of the movie together.

Her: Why did you have to embarrass me?

Him: (yawning) What did I do?

Her: You very well know what you did. You just want to get back at me all the time.

Him: We saw a movie of your choice, what more do you want?

Her: We? We? The aunty seated next to you would beg to differ. She jumped off her seat when your head landed on her shoulder!

Him: There you go, I had promised you memories. Now would you ever forget that?

PS. Memories indeed! Happens to all of us. And even if we fume over them then, these small incidents do make long-lasting memories; putting a smile on the face on a gloomy day.


Unknown said...

Quite an intriguing fiction Leena. :) I was enthralled by all the sequences of the story. You have executed it very well. Hats off

sujata sengupta said...

hahahha good one there. The most upsetting incidents always make for the best posts !

Unknown said...

How I wish these were experiences Sujata! I haven't a seen a movie with hubby in many years now :(
Tis all my imagination :)...short stories about a fictional couple I've created and enjoy writing about.

Unknown said...

Thanks Maitreni, I'm glad you liked it :)

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey, love the last line and of course the narration on complexity of relationship. I guess with life taking a toll, we get less time for ourselves and time to breathe and stop for a while for a brand new perspective and rekindle romance.

Sumeet Nayak said...

Memories good or bad do stay with us. For me it reflects our past and shapes the future. Though fictional, many couples would surely agree with it. It may have or will happen for them atleast once in their lifetime. Good one.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vishal! Yep, like you said, one has to take conscious efforts to keep rekindling the romance buddy :)

Unknown said...

Thanks dear Sumeet! Its always fun to weave stories around this fictional couple of mine. I'm sure there would be couples who would be able to relate to these fun stories :)

magiceye said...

Tightly woven keeping the reader engrossed!!

Jamshed Azmi said...

Very nice and interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rimanere..will surely check out your blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks Deepak! Glad you liked it :)

Unknown said...

Pleasure is mine Jamshed, thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the compliment Manu!

Indrani said...

Yes couldn't stop till the last line.
Great writing.

D.Nambiar said...

I guess we can all relate to bits and parts of this story. ;)

Date night! Gosh! it's been so long since the last one. Hmmm :D

Nice one, Leena. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Indrani dear, for your sweet words :)

Unknown said...

Hehe Divya, been there done that for all of us ;-)

Parul said...

What a nicely written piece! For a moment, I was like this guy doesn't even care and then you turned it around :) Sweet!

indu chhibber said...

I am surprised the debate went so long.Any normal husband would have flared up sooner.It is then ,that i stopped suspecting him.
Nice story Leena.

Unknown said...

Nah, I could never make HIM a heartless guy! He is typical in some sense but not so typical in others, I love this character :)
Glad you like it Parul dear!

Unknown said...

Thanks Indu, really appreciate :)

Shoma Abhyankar said...

Nice story... I can't write fiction good enough somehow :(

Unknown said...

Thanks Shoma! You are good at what you write dear :)

Alok singhal said...

Huh, quite an interesting conversation that was. I was looking for a rosy night for them, in the bed :)

Unknown said...

Hmmm buddy, interesting :)