Saturday 17 October 2015

Would You Drink Your Own Sweat ??


      Scenario A: Mother and son
“Don’t let it spill! Careful! Let the sweat drip directly into that bucket.”
“Mom, I’m trying my best!”
“I know, I know, but I have so many chores to finish around the house yet.”

Scenario B: Mother and daughter
“Didn’t you take a bath just two days back?”
“Mom, I have to go to a party today.”
“Sweetheart, I’ll give you my best perfume, and no one will know a thing!”

Image source: Wikimedia, Nitin C

Scenario C: Wife and Husband
“Do some more, hubby dear.”
“There is only so much that I can do!”
“My flowers shall be so sad. Please, please pee a little more.”

Scenario D: Husband and Wife
“Happy birthday darling! Can you guess what I got you?”
“Tell me, pretty please, quick.”
“A month-long daily supply of fresh water!”

Scenario E: Mother and Son 
“Nothing doing! If you try you’d be able to. Just squat and pee in the shower room. There is absolutely no water to flush the toilet!”

Scenario F: Wife and Husband 
“Wake up, wake up.”
“Its only 4.30 a.m. Why don’t you leave me alone!
“You can catch on your beauty sleep later Mr! Didn’t I tell you they’re letting us fill up water from the swimming pool today? Move your butt, go stand in the queue.” 

Scenario G: Wife and Husband 
“Do you know those water tankers are manned by armed civil guards now?”
“Have you women left them with an option? Only those guns can stop these dramas!”

Scenario H: Wife and Husband 
“I don’t believe this! We satisfy all criteria, we are paying up their obnoxious charges, why on earth would they reject our visas?”
“Do you think we are the only ones trying to go there for the water? There are hundreds, and they’ve sniffed it.”

Seems far-fetched? Over-exaggerated? Yes, these are hypothetical scenarios. TODAY. But this could very well be a sad unfortunate truth in the future.

You don’t agree? Or maybe don’t care, cos you’d be long gone when something like this happens? Okay then,
  • Keep flushing the toilet until they display it in the next Harpic ad.
  • Let the tap run, as you floss off that tiny piece of onion, or scrub your face for that cherry blossom glow.
  • Shower, shower, shower, till you finish that second stanza of your third song.
  • Let every inch of your body relax in the running shower while you work up a lather on your crown.
  • Better still; soak yourself in the bathtub often. And fill the tub to the brim. Super relaxing!
  • Run your washing machine on half loads, cos that blue shirt wasn’t clean enough the last time around.
  • Water that plant in your garden once again, cos the bloom hasn't been upto your mark. And find crazy watering hours. How about noon?
  • Thaw frozen food under running water. Why bother keeping it overnight in the refrigerator!
  • Vegetables and fruits ought to be clean. But which silly soul could ever do it in a pot of water! Scrub and scrub till you see your reflection, under the tap.
  • Any leaking taps? Lets wait for floods!
  • The neighbour just got a brand new car? A hose could do the trick on your oldie!

Wake up guys!! We are busy worrying about wars and terror on grounds of religion. Do we realise that our future generations may have to grow up in a world being torn apart for water! The ever-expanding population and the dynamically changing climate are putting a huge pressure on water reservoirs the world over. And if we continue to maintain a reckless attitude, doomsday isn’t very far off.

PS. Just feeling bad about farmers being driven to suicide shan’t be sufficient, we need to do our little bit. And if that’s not a good enough reason, try picturing your children or grandchildren drinking their own sweat, and you’ll never leave the tap running again!



Vishal Bheeroo said...

A very interesting post sending powerful message on water scarcity. As citizens, we need to be more responsible and my heart goes to farmers facing a tough time. Authorities are high on rhetoric and nothing is being done to end water woes and help farmers. Seriously, Ache din!!

Unknown said...

Its really sad but true. Some years ago I watched a video by Dr. Abdul Kalam in which more dreadful situation was shown where in future i.e. around 60-70yrs from now all women will b bald as in they won't b able to keep long hair as there won't be water for bath. Greenery will be guarded by commandos. People will have to wear use n throw clothes. No food only food supplement tablets. And this situation will b faced by our grand children... So let's save water as much as we can. Reuse n recycle water in all d possible ways.....

Unknown said...

Thanks Vishal! Yep what the authorities are doing is a big question. But as responsible citizens, we've got to do our bit as well. Not just charity, everything begins at home!

Unknown said...

Yes Sonal, if we want to do something for our future generations, its not just money and wealth thats gonna be enough, we've also got to leave behind necessities like water.

Unknown said...

You turned such an important (read: mundane) topic into an interesting piece... Kudos! and lets hope that people wake up and the realise the horrors of the days to come!! Cheers :-)

magiceye said...

Indeed!! It is time we stopped taking water for granted!!

Seenas Food Basket said...

That's really interesting article on water scarcity.. Once we go through that experience only we will come to know the seriousness of the issue!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Archana! The idea was to bring the topic to everyone's attention...i'm glad u liked it :)

Unknown said...

Yes Deepak, its is high time in fact! Each one of us needs to take sincere efforts!

Unknown said...

Thanks Seena.. I hope we don't wait till we actually experience it, cos we might just end up being the doers and the real sufferers shall be our kids and grandkids.

Unknown said...

The picture of the cracked land along with the scenarios hit you hard Leena.
We take water (and other natural resources) for granted and feel it is our birthright to waste them. The need to conserve doesn't come naturally to us. Thanks for sharing this post and pointing out how things would be for our future generations if we don't care.

Unknown said...

That was a real post from your heart. I'm so happy to see someone caring about our state of affairs. Thank you for the post. I shall try to spread the word!

Unknown said...

The pleasure is mine Somali! Thank you for your appreciation. Yep conserving resources doesn't come naturally to us, so it requires conscious efforts and consistent reminders.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you liked the post Shravanthi and all the more happy that the message I'm trying to spread is reaching out indeed. Thank you dear.

sujata sengupta said...

well done Leena! I am sure this will shake us awake from the luxury we believe we have endlessly.

umashankar said...

Some have said the next world war will be fought over water. Your post portraying multiple scenarios of a certain future dystopia is a wake-up call.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I've tried to draw attention through the narration. And if it indeed creates that impact, I'll be really glad.

Nisha said...

You know how to write a good piece. You've turned a important message into a very interesting post.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nisha for those sweet words :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you feels so Sujata, I've made a humble attempt.

Sri Kri said...

Well done Leena.You have brought the importance of saving the water for future generation by telling the different scenarios.The post will definitely have an impact for many.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sri Kri! I hope it does reach out to as many as possible.

Ashish Kumar said...

A wake up call to the whole world... well expressed...

Unknown said...

Thanks Ashish! I hope it is.

Uma Anandane said...

How wonderfully you have written the need for water. Most of them is a reality as today we live in a world where we pay money for drinking water that was free to use (free from chemicals) at home not long ago.

Unknown said...

Thanks Uma! Glad you liked it. And more that you agree with the thoughts.