Monday 28 December 2015

10 Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

One little, two little, three little dinosaurs ♬! No this ain’t a Jurassic Park promotion, it’s a popular song for babies. Yeah yeah, these are the kinda songs that keep springing up in my head, been more than two years now. There’s no room for Arijit Singh or Yoyo Honey Singh, or even the Ed Sheerans of the world.

Toddler On Board ….

As I sat at the airport, filling the immigration forms, I was humming this song even without realizing it. Using both hands in ways I never knew I could, and keeping an eye on one whole human while still writing on paper, these are some of the skills I discovered I had, after I entered the motherhood phase.

KidzList: Depressed Moms' Parenting Style Linked to Toddler Stress

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Hai Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan .......

This is a public apology letter, long due. Better late than never! A humble attempt to say ‘Pardon me’, to various sections of the society.

The Occasion? Christening of Delhi as a Gas Chamber.
The Need? Silly desire to breathe fresh air (other Metro Cities aren’t lagging far behind).
The Convict? Apparently all the elderly, all the infants, all of those with a chronic lung condition or with heart problems.
The Magnanimous Forgivers? The below mentioned Samaritans.

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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Daadi Amma Maan Jao!

Do you remember this classic number? Trust me people, blessed are those who have not one but two sets of parents, pampering and supervising, overseeing and looking after them, every step of the way. The second set of course being doting grandparents. I'm one of those lucky grandkids who had the fortune of having her Aaji (grandma) around till she was well above 80, and Ajoba (grandpa) till he turned 89.

You know there's a local saying, that if your children are milk, grandchildren are the cream on the top. And believe it or not, but that's how the Aaji-Ajoba treat their grandkids. We were completely spoilt and sheltered by them. Of course, the strict dad ensured that the laad-pyaar didn't get into our heads.