Ages Ago!

A babe, a stud, a hunk and a smarty hop on board London flights to chase their dreams. A loyal wife gives company. A local naiveté joins the bandwagon.
And therefrom begins a remarkable journey of bonding, love, hatred, kicks in the butt and bolts from the blue.
Their compelling drive – money, status, ambition
Their solid strengths – talent, diligence, suavity
The only problems – timing, destiny, no godfathers
The final outcome – strange, incredible, bizarre
You’ve Got to be Kidding! is a tale of six friends, bullish on life and bearish on, well, nothing. With the recession in the backdrop and the twists and chaos at the fore, get set for a rollercoaster ride.

Media mentions

Economic Times, 25Dec2009

HT Cafe, what the author likes to read, an interview with Leena

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