Sunday 17 April 2016

Aaj ki Taaza Khabar

- Do you feel like donating the newspaper to the guy shitting along the railway lines, cos it would be put to better use?

- Do you feel like pelting a stone at the TV whenever you hear the screaming and yelling on the news channels?

You aren't alone buddy. All of us are sailing in the same boat. Here we are, pulling our hair over the daily dramas with the Bai, knocking our heads off over bossy bosses, going bonkers over the traffic, trying to breathe through the mouth cos the compartment’s full of sweaty fellas. After such a khatarnaak day, when we turn to the Khabars for relaxation, what do we get? Loads of shit.

Dog bringing newspaper Graphics and Animated Gifs

The overly exhausting and unreasonably stressful life becomes brutally torturous. Grim unbearable and unfortunate state of affairs. Who wants to be greeted with that on a daily basis?

I was no different. I had started hating picking up the newspaper or scouting for news on the internet. Until one fine day, when I realised that newspapers are no less a source of comedy and relaxation. Don’t believe me? Check out these real headlines.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Haan re Haan Haan 50 50 – With An Award!

Today, no tomorrow, no day after. The mahurat just wouldn’t arrive. I kept telling myself that I’d pick up the laptop soon (the modern day equivalent of picking up the pen) but it just wasn’t happening. My 50th post was just not meant to be, from what it looked like. Reasons. There were tons. Mood swings, bottlenecks, jams, blows, punches. Let me share a few.