Sunday 19 June 2016

Live And Let Live - Jeeyo Aur Jeene Do!

Is that a very difficult feat to achieve? Apparently so, as would appear from the thousands and thousands of domestic violence cases, recorded not just in India but worldwide. There is no particular strata or class or caste of the society that this disease is restricted to. Yes I choose to call it a disease, a mental one obviously, cos only a psychological imbalance can lead to brutality towards other humans.
Inform your attorney if you are in a violent relationship ...

Saturday 4 June 2016

Being Tanmay!

Tanmay Bhat - an overly obese homosapien who has to be airlifted from one venue to another, a potato who has difficulty lifting his own bum from the seat, the modern day version of Gabbar who moms use to threaten their kids with – ‘So jaa puttar varna Tanmay tujhpe baith jaayega!’

Thats an introduction the AIB way. That’s how these standup comedians praise and Roast each other and every other human.

What to bring to the Pig Roast