Thursday 26 November 2015

To My Dearly Beloved....

Okay, so that’s a deceiving title. I’ll explain. I’ve (my blog has) been given a Liebster Award. If you look up the meaning for ‘Liebster’, the answers that you shall get are - beloved, dearest, sweetheart. But this meaning has got nothing to do with my post, apologies.
Liebster Awards are given by bloggers to other brethren. You get it and pass on the torch to ten other bloggers.

The questionnaires that float around the blogosphere with the Liebster, remind me of slam books we used to fill up in schools. Ah, fun times. I thought I'd up the fun factor and make a twisted questionnaire. Hope I don’t get frowns and curses for this one, instead of the thankyou note I’m supposed to be receiving. (If you do throw a shoe my way, please ensure it’s a pair.)

Friday 20 November 2015

Life's A Messi Motor!

WHO ………….

When it comes to exhibiting power, no other title in the world can match this one. The power to change moods, the power to change the tones of a tea party, the power to play mind-games. Hell yeah! The MiL. For the ignorant men, that means the classic Mother in Law.

You can love her, you can hate her, but you just cannot ignore her. It all begins from day one. They tell you, you are embarking on a new journey, not just with the guy, but the whole family, blah blah. They could cut the crap, and keep it simple. ‘You are entering the MiL space, good luck with that!

Saturday 14 November 2015

Pamper With Pampers!

It’s funny how we call our babies little bundles of joy. Cos they aren’t as little as you naive souls might think. By na├»ve souls I mean that part of human race, which is miles away from motherhood, or even the preggy ladies for that matter.

Let me explain. My little bundle of joy made an arrival on the life scene two years ago. Boundless Joy - check. Over Excitement – check. Infinite Love – check. Overly Protective Attitude – check. Underlying Fear – check. Surprised with the last one? Until the D-day my friends, it’s all hunky dory. Getting indulged from all directions. Apart from the special care at home, strangers do their bit too. Seats being given up, ways being cleared, a helping hand being offered. We get spoilt and misled. And then, the moment of truth. Its nature’s way of telling you, sarcastically, ‘Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!

Saturday 7 November 2015

M's For (nothing but) MOM!

You are surfing (read googling), jumping windows, reading up, writing down, sipping tea. Scroll, scroll, scroll, like, like, like and dhan te nan, it pops up, that one notification! Dreaded by some teenagers, scorned by a few others, and simply causing some eye rolling for daughters like me who are way past their adolescence.

‘You have a friend request from Mamma.’ Feelings? I'd be lying to you if I said I was jumping with joy. It was much more. I felt a sense of pride. Why, you shall know.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Rewind, Edit & Play!

Have you ever given this a thought? What if you had this unbelievable super-power, the option of rewinding your life and editing one unwanted portion?

I see many female hands going up in unison. The demand being SRK. Yes SRK has changed the way romance is perceived and love is defined. And yes, ‘Dilwale’s’ snippets have refreshed memories. I’ve come across so many statuses lately, of females drooling over SRK and how he’s killed romance for them forever. Reason - nothing can come close to DDLJ and KKHH. Agreed. But it’s the Rahuls and the Rajs we all are in love with dearies. In real life, we need to check with Gauri Khan if it’s really worth it.