Wednesday 29 July 2015

Friday 24 July 2015

The Bintan Holiday - Part 2

So here they are, a few more details about Bintan and Banyan! The follow up post to A Long Due Family Holiday - Bintan - Part 1.

After alighting from the ferry at Bintan island in Indonesia, it took us around 15 min to reach Lagoi, the area which boasts of the manicured resorts. The rustic Bintan, with the local touch is further away and houses some resorts as well. We were stationed at Banyan Tree, and our train didn’t really take many stops :-). Simply put, we hardly ventured out after we checked in!

Sunday 19 July 2015

A Long Due Family Holiday - Bintan - Part 1

Okay, so when you are gonna take a holiday with a toddler, even the planning stage, believe it or not, takes a whole lot of your time and efforts. We planned and planned, prepared ourselves mentally for the stress around our toddler’s eating sleeping and entertainment, settled on a destination, zeroed down on a hotel, decided the dates, and guess what! Weather in Bali had different plans. 

Saturday 11 July 2015

The Bollywood Quiz

I had in my The Dil Maange More Sequel! post mentioned that I would be coming up with something interesting in my next post. Due to some pressing issues that had to be dealt with in subsequent posts, this one got a bit delayed, but I assure you it's worth the wait :).

While I was writing on the sequel, I was reminded of a game a couple of our lovely friends had treated us to, a few years ago. Back in those days, when we were Londoners. A had actually gone all out and had come up with this 'dhaasu' (if you let me use the word :)) quiz. And his wife M had done her bit, by helping (or as some of you may call it, cheating ;-)) me with one or two answers here and there. It was girls versus the boys. The yelling and the screaming, the excitement and the arguments, oh my god! I can't stop smiling even as I write about it. It was a nail biting game right till the very end, with the girls team losing by one point, ufff..

Wednesday 8 July 2015

The Hubby's Birthday.....

As he drove home that night, he wondered if she was indeed giving him a silent punishment for having mocked her on her 7 births' funda and her driving skills (Refer Till Death Do Us Part...A 7 Births' Contract). Scene two, dominating mother-in-law’s arrival. Scene three, mother-in-law on his bed, in his bedroom, apparently in need of some emotional flushing. Until the mother-in-law’s psychiatrist had spoken of it, his humble soul knew only flushing of one kind, the one that cleaned the toilet. Scene three had begun some 3 weeks back and didn’t seem to have a last dialogue. He wanted to shout out loud, ‘Cut!’

Wednesday 1 July 2015

I'm With Gokhale

A dashing personality, a selfless attitude, a brave heart and strong patriotic feelings. Are these traits enough to qualify as a policeman in India? No they are not. These need to be unfortunately accompanied by having no aspirations for a better lifestyle, no dreams for the children's future and absolutely no concern for your own life. Why should it be this way? Just because a man loves his country and is ready to even sacrifice his life for it, does it mean he cannot wish good things for himself and his family?