Paapi Pet ka Sawaal Hai!


Every morning most of us drag ourselves out of the bed and into the shower,  to head to the mundane place we call office. Why?
Are, paapi pet ka sawaal hai!
We'd rather be frolicking away, like we did when we were kids, soaking in every bit of nature and killing the curiosity with practicals not theory. But we don't. Why?
Again, paapi pet ka sawaal hai!
I'd rather be writing only for pleasure and for fondling my passion. But if someone also wants to pay me for it, isn't that like sone pe suhaaga! Why?
Come on, you know this one! Of course, paapi pet ka sawaal hai!

Jokes apart, I value my readers above everything else. So you shall not find any endorsement herein, that I do not completely believe in. Having said that, the views are my personal views. You might agree with some, maybe not so much with some others. I just hope that my opinion serves as an input for you to take an informed decision. Happy reading!

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